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If you’re new to WB-EMS, you probably have questions. We want you to be completely comfortable before you begin your EMS training sessions, so on this page we’ve set out to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about EMS. After all, we want you to have an untroubled mind as well as a transformed body.

WB-EMS is not a fad or an unrealistic quick-fix. It’s a scientifically sound, proven and highly effective method of improving your health, strength and physical appearance.

If you would like more detail on any of the points raised here, please feel free to contact us.

What is Whole-Body Electro Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS)?

EMS uses carefully controlled, highly targeted electrical impulses to cause muscle contractions. These electrical impulses are delivered via electrodes contained within a bodysuit. Each electrode is positioned above a specific muscle or muscle group, and the stimulated contractions are very similar to the actual movements of muscles during cardio, conditioning and strengthening exercises.

How Does WB-EMS Training Work?

Traditional strength training relies on electrical impulses from the brain to the muscles to cause them to contract. Not all muscles activate with maximum efficiency, however, so they will remain under-developed. By stimulating 90% of the body’s musculature at the same time, WB-EMS ensures comprehensive, consistent and proportional muscle contractions and development.

How Much WB-EMS Training Must I Do?

WB-EMS training is remarkably efficient. Just 2 or 3 20-minute sessions per week, over several weeks, is enough to begin transforming your body. Because the EMS bodysuit stimulates so many muscles at once, you get the benefits of hours of conventional gym workouts in just 20 minutes. Save valuable time while still gaining muscle mass, shedding fat and boosting your metabolism.

You will see a real difference – including increased muscle mass and a reduction in body fat - within 8 to 12 weeks of beginning regular WB-EMS training.

How hard is it?

WB-EMS training is much more efficient than a conventional workout. This means that it’s more intensive, so you will definitely know that you’ve had a session. Your personal trainer will be on hand at all times and can adjust the intensity of the session if you feel it’s too hard.

Tell me more about the bodysuit?

Our comfortable, well-fitted training bodysuits ensure that the electrodes delivering the electrical stimulation are perfectly placed for optimum results. This adds significantly to the effectiveness of the WB-EMS training.

How does the WB-EMS device work?

Flab2Fab uses only the latest international EMS technology to bring you the ultimate 1-on-1 personal training solution. To ensure that you experience wired training at its best, we use magnetic cable connections to deliver optimum electrical impulses to the electrodes in the bodysuit.

This makes the bodysuit easy to put on and take off, saving you yet more time. Because we use 12-channel technology, we can programme the device to stimulate your whole body at the same time.

The flexible cable and secure connections allow you to perform any exercise while wearing the bodysuit, including high-intensity gym-style workouts.

The responsive touchscreen controls on the device make it easy to customise your training session, and because the device is lightweight and portable, we can set it up (and disassemble it) in your home or office space quickly and without disruption.

Our WB-EMS devices use advanced symmetric bipolar square waves for stimulation and can operate in continuous and burst stimulation modes. Signal frequency can be adjusted to ensure that it is always within the optimal range.

WB-EMS training session data can be exported to a USB stick so that your personal trainer can assess your progress and adjust your training programme where necessary.

Does it work?

In a word, YES! Thousands of people use WB-EMS technology every day, and hundreds of thousands of people have achieved phenomenal results – and you can too.

How will my body change?

Regular Inbody analysis will show you how your weight, body fat %, total water %, muscle mass, physique rating, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age, bone mass and visceral fat have been improved by WB-EMS.

How safe is it?

There are no identified health risks associated with WB-EMS. At all times, your WB-EMS training session will be supervised by your personal trainer. He or she is there to motivate you to get the results you want, but also to ensure that you are 100% safe. Unlike many other workouts, WB-EMS does not involve any impacts, so the risk of injury is almost zero. Flab2Fab invests in world-class, well-engineered equipment for a quality training experience.

What Will I Need?

Flab2Fab comes to you. We bring all the necessary equipment so all you will need is a private space for the training session, gym wear and access to a shower to freshen up after your session.

What Are the Benefits of WB-EMS Training?

  • Build Muscles: Correctly aligned impulses for optimum muscle contraction
  • Improved Posture: WB-EMS works on your lower and upper back, abs and shoulders.
  • Body Toning: Tone muscles, burn fat and reduce cellulite. Improve circulation for firmer, younger-looking skin.
  • Joint Relief: No additional joint pressure. Ideal for injury rehab.
  • Balance: Under-developed muscle groups can be specifically targeted.
  • Save Time: The same results (or better) in far less time than with a conventional workout.

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